Privacy Story

I made a Privacy Story!

As a disclaimer, the video is kind of weird; I recorded myself at my desk for an afternoon and cut the clips into this video, like a big-brother style PSA. I didn’t actually make a PSA, but I’ll write that down as an idea for the future. It currently isn’t on the internet, so that disclaimer is more for you, Mark, since nobody else will be able to watch it.
I chose to videotape myself because I realized I wouldn’t mind being videotaped – if my life was broadcasted on television or the internet, and I was able to make a living from it, I would be happy. I think a lot of people would. I also know a lot of people wouldn’t, and I guess that’s why there will never be world peace. That’s a joke, maybe we can have world peace one day. That just isn’t my area of expertise.
When I was editing the footage I noticed that I kept looking at the camera. I knew I was being filmed, which makes me wonder how different my video would have been if I didn’t know I was being filmed. I don’t think I would want to be the subject of that kind of video though, which is why I made mine the way I did. I also think there are Human Rights violations involved in filming people without consent, so I won’t go near anything of the sort. Everything I did in my video was normal, or at least, until everyone else videotapes themselves in the same way,  I think it was. I have no way of knowing.
I chose to show a clip of me picking my nose, which I know is crude, but also brings up the topic of hygiene. I don’t know where anyone’s hands have been. Nobody does. But when we meet someone respectable, and we shake hands, we silently agree that we are okay with wherever that person’s hands have been. Or, we choose to ignore it. There are people who can’t touch people for that reason, some people who won’t even go outside. For example, Howie Mandel was a Canadian celebrity with OCD, although he says his condition has since improved. Back in his Deal or No Deal days, he would famously bump fists with contestants instead of shaking hands, but I digress. Nose picking is something we either do only in private, or hope nobody else does in private. How would we pick our noses without privacy?
I also showed myself putting on deodorant. The antithesis of nose picking, wearing deodorant is something we do not want to see people do in public (unless you do, I don’t judge). It reveals the stomach, and alludes to the armpits – some individuals abhor one or both of those things. But, it is something most of the population agrees that should be done in private. Yes, unlike nose-picking, there are also things that we all do, and should do, but still hide from one another, like toenail-clipping, (which was in an earlier cut of the film and then removed). This includes most things people do in the bathroom (except masturbating, keep that out of the public).
As you can tell, I don’t lead an interesting private life. Maybe it would be more interesting if I didn’t know I was being filmed, but like I said earlier, I’m not going near that.
I chose to set the video to the song Private Eyes, for obvious reasons. I had first thought about using Mr. Lonely by Akon, or Me, Myself and I by G-Eazy, but the first seemed more like a breakup song, and the second more like a lone-wolf power ballad. My afternoon alone at a desk doesn’t resonate with either one.

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