I made a mashup! While working on my Privacy Story, I learned how to use the online music editing software, Soundation. I tried my best to put together an original song using sample parts that were included with a free account. Long story short, it didn’t work. But, I’m going to upload some kind of remnant of what I tried to make so that people can see it if they’re curious.

I ended up making a mashup of two songs that I learned had identical, or at least, very similar, BPM’s (Beats Per Minute). I used Where the Hood At by DMX and One More Night by Maroon 5, and made Where the Night At – a logical title, I hope. The link to the YouTube video is below. (With a “bad” language warning, so cover your ears)

I learned how to make a mashup by actually making one – I also learned how to upload videos to YouTube, which was only slightly more difficult than I thought (I didn’t think it was going to be very difficult, but it turns out exporting and uploading files takes a long time using student-grade internet connections).

My interest in mashed-up music started around Thanksgiving, when I realized how I liked my potatoes. Honestly, it started in Grade 9 when I stumbled upon the Soundcloud account for the artist White Panda, who made mashups and mixtapes, and released them for free. How cool is that? Free music, that I don’t have to pay for! I took a liking to the genre and have grown from there.

These two particular songs were chosen because of DMX’s hard-hitting perspective on the reality of homophobia in his community, and Maroon 5’s ability to conveniently fit with the groove of the song. It isn’t great, because it was my first, but my goal is to be able to keep going until I can consistently create art that is.

I also have to be honest, I don’t agree with what Mr. MX is saying about the LGBT community. But, this music was a trial run so I’ll hope you’ll forgive me and understand I am not condoning any hateful thoughts or acts. I am condoning groovy music, however.

My music is also on Soundcloud! I think it’s kind of cool that I can say I have an EP, even though none of the music is mine I appreciate being able to experiment with other artist’s art. I’m also working on learning how to produce original music, but that’s going to be a long learning process. I know how to play a couple instruments but getting that noise into a neat track is the hard part. I have a couple friends with recording equipment, and my university also has recording booths available to music students… good thing I know one. Success is mostly about who you know, right?


For the record, throughout this process I learned:

i) how to interface with music editing software. Man, this stuff is confusing. But, I had learned how to edit a short soundtrack and a film in my theatre tech course in the fall. With that little bit of knowledge, combined with my lifetime of playing video games, I was able to figure out enough to make those three clips (three as of the time I write this, I’ve been having a lot of fun making music this way and want to make more).

ii) how people go about making mashups of this sort. The process involves finding songs of similar key and/or bpm, and finding instrumental (without vocals) and a capella (only vocals) recordings of each song. The I had to stitch them together in music editing software. I used, which is free with premium accounts. I managed to get by on a free one!

iii) how kind people are to new artists! I shared my work on three networks: reddit, youtube, and soundcloud. Each community has been kind and welcoming.

I also made a short political clip about modern perspectives on Privacy. It’s very, very abstract, absurd, and avant garde… lots of those “a” words. Artsy is probably the “nicest” one you could use. Once I’ve finished it (yes… it’s a work in progress) I’ll be sure to share it with you all!


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