Do It Yourself

Trash Roses

I was challenged to make something myself – to “do a DIY”.The hardest part of that is figuring out exactly what that means. Let’s start with a definition:

DIY: stands for “do-it-yourself”. To take a raw material, or raw materials, and make something new from it. For example, knitting a sweater from wool.

Great! That wasn’t so hard after all. Deciding what to do now should be a bit harder, though. What raw materials does a student have access to? Let me tell you, my grandpa gave me this mini vending machine; we have a lot of pop cans waiting to be recycled. So I thought I could make my professor a rose from the cans, multiple roses even. But after googling and realizing it was a mom-craft already was really discouraging.

Then I realized the point of the exercise isn’t to do something first, it’s just to do something. I’ve been sitting on my butt all semester writing papers, it’s about time I worked with my hands. Actually, because I’m in Theatre, all of my courses have plenty of hands-on aspects that I really enjoy. But the story is more compelling if I live a sad student life. “Don’t let details get in the way of a good story”, right?

I love District 9. Anyone who agrees can probably see the connection I’m trying to make. For the uninitiated, District 9 follows a reporter as he investigates a slum that was formed after aliens landed over Johannesburg, in Africa. (SPOILER) There’s a scene in the movie where a prawn makes a rose out of some trash. (SPOILER IS DONE)

I guess that wasn’t much of a spoiler, but I think the tag is important.

Making the roses was a great time to think and reflect. I never noticed how little time I spend actually thinking about things. I spend most of my time stressing myself out about things instead of deconstructing what I need to do to be less stressed about them.

Final thought: I read an article about shilling while I was making one of the roses. It’s the practice where forum-users can either work for or sell their account to marketing companies, in order to promote specific products. Is it bad? Is it just another part of native advertising? John Oliver does a cool little segment on native advertising, it’s what I’m doing right now by telling you about his show. Google it!


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