On “Fishbowls”

Fishbowls was shown in the George Luscombe Theater in January 2017, where it played as part of the University’s Sno-Week play festival. I had a great time, and everyone did a great job.

I’m proud of this play, but I know it’s an idea that has got to exist out there in other forms. Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here is one that I know makes a solid reference to two people living like they were fish in a bowl. My take on the story, however, is about the power of imagination. This is also why I think the characters are so childish. I want adults to use their imaginations, but when it’s explored on a stage it seems to end up being more comical instead of genuine. Children tend to be more genuine, maybe that’s why I work at a children’s camp instead of an adult’s camp. Adult camps also don’t ever seem to turn out as well, anyways.

Grace and Faith are written in as two girls but when it was first performed, it was cast as a male and a female. This is good! That means someone else did their own thing with my script. This is how art works, and I want everyone involved to know they did an amazing job. But I had my reasons for writing two girls and I think they are important. The first one is the most important, which is that the LGBT+ audience deserves some more romances. I see too many heterosexual stories, and the balance is boring. Males and females are different, biologically, and they read differently to an audience. I want to see a romance between two awkward men (like Cyril Figgis, if you’re familiar with FX’s Archer) or between two strong women (like Lana Kane, same show for simplicity’s sake). But the sexuality of the romance was never the focus, it was that it happens. And when it was performed, it was performed beyond my expectations. You two did a great job, Kenny and Kendra!






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